The benefits of HMRs

As a patient, Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs) improve knowledge, skills and confidence in using medicines. Research conducted across Australia has consistently demonstrated that HMRs are an effective way to identify and resolve medicine-related problems  and improve health outcomes.

Recent changes to the HMR service means increased flexibility for making HMR referrals. HMRs exist only to help patients, by encouraging better and safe use of their medicines, thereby reducing the risk of side effects and improving disease management. They also allow your doctor and pharmacist to work closely together to deliver patients the best medical care possible. For patients who are uncomfortable about having a HMR in their home, the Consultant Pharmacist will be able to conduct the HMR in the pharmacy in a private room.

Genesis Pharmacy Services is a Medicare Approved Medication Management Review (MMR)  Service Provider, Genesis was established to effectively support patients, their general practitioner, aged care facility staff and community pharmacies by thoroughly reviewing the clients’ medication and contributing health factors to their lifestyle. Genesis provides this service across Victoria.

Why refer you for a HMR?

There are a number of reasons doctors refer their patients for a HMR, they could include one or several of the following reasons:

  • To ensure you and/or your carer are confident that medicines are being taken as the doctor has presecribed and intended;
  • To ensure that if you are taking 5 or more medicines or taking 12 or more doses of different types of medication that you could benefit from additional education about your medicines;
  • Attending the clinics of several doctors with a combination of doctors and specialists could benefit to show all medical practitioners a breakdown of your medication and their purpose;
  • To ensure you are not experiencing symptoms suggestive of an adverse drug reaction; and
  • Any client that has had significant changes to their medication in the last 3 months which includes recent discharge from hospital.

For more information about HMR, click here for a HMR brochure (courtesy: Dept of Health & Ageing)

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