About Us

Genesis, which comes from the Greek word “birth” or “origin” and is also derived from a Biblical perspective being the first book, Genesis Pharmacy Services was one of the first organisations of its kind to form, targeting health care professionals and assisting them with their patients medication regimen.

Under the fifth community pharmacy agreement, a new business model enabling a direct referral model  commenced 1 October 2011, this has allowed better collaboration, timely reports to be submitted and promote better communication.

At Genesis we believe that “good medicine means better health”.

This is why we aim to:

  • Provide with a one-on-one personal service;
  • Deliver the patients medication review within a reasonable amount of time to the referring general practitioner;
  • Provide the patient with access to telephone advice to an accredited pharmacist during general trading hours;
  • Encourage cooperative working relationships between members of the health industry regarding on the patient at hand;
  • Improve the patient’s quality of life; and
  • Ensure and improve patients’ knowledge and understanding about their medication.

Saly Rashed, founder and Principal Pharmacist of Genesis Pharmacy Services, graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (with honors) and officially became a registered pharmacist in 2005.

She has since completed a Diploma in Pharmacy Management through the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia in 2007 and has been also been recognised as an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist in 2008 by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP).

Saly has worked under several banner groups within the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, with an advantage of being multilingual Arabic speaking pharmacist, she knows all her regular customers by name and has grown a strong relationship with the community giving her that competitive advantage of knowing the patients.

She has also had experience and pleasure of being the Pharmacist In-Charge of well known pharmacy in Mill Park in 2007 while also working within the clinical sector within public hospitals. Saly is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

With this wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion, she formed Genesis to focus on needs and the welfare of clients that she deals with everyday. By giving a personalised service through home medication reviews, Saly ensures that every client who is eligible for a review receives a quality one-on-one service to maximize their understanding and general quality of life.

  • Contact Details

    Saly Rashed, Principal Pharmacist:
    0412 235 380

    John Rashed, Account Manager:
    0412 929 398

    (03) 8679 3655