Aged Care

A Residential Medication Management¬† Review (RMMR) service is a comprehensive medication reivew conducted by Genesis Pharmacy Services to all residents of an aged care facility, it is a systematic evaluation of the resident’s complete medication regimen and management of that medication. It is collaboratively conducted with the facility’s doctors.

Genesis Pharmacy Services works closely with the care team of the facility in order to obtain a full record of the patients history and possible adverse drug reactions, we also liaise with family members, including personal carers of the patient, even speaking to the patient themselves and making them feel “part of the process” can be rewarding to all parties.

Other Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) services which Genesis is able to provide are activities such as: 

  • Medication Advisory Activities;
  • Education Activities; and
  • Continuous Improvement Activities

Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) is an important arm of Australia’s National Medicines Policy. It recognises that in order to achieve quality use of medicines, consumers must be provided with the most appropriate treatment, and have the knowledge and skills to use medicines to their best effect. QUM depends on committed teamwork between all members of the health care team. Genesis has a particularly important role to play in promoting the quality use of medicines, through promoting good treatment choices, good communication with consumers and collaboration with other health practitioners including GPs. All health care practitioners are required to work closely with the aged care facility in ensuring optimal health outcomes for residents.

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