General Practitioners

Under the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement, GPs can directly engage Accredited Consultant Pharmacists with their HMR referrals. The direct referral model has many advantages and will reduce the turnaround of the HMR genereated in preparation for your second consultation with your patient. By sending Genesis Pharmacy Services your referral by email or facsimile, we will do the rest for your patient. Should you have special instructions, please document on your referral or feel free to contact one of our consultant pharmacists.The objectives of the HMR are to: 

  • Achieve safe, effective and appropriate use of medications by detecting and addressing medication related problems that interfere with patient desired outcomes;
  • Improve the patients quality of life and health outcomes using a best practice approach that involves cooperation between the GP, pharmacist and other health care professionals and the patient (and where appropriate, their carer);
  • Improve the patients and health  professional’s knowledge and understanding about medications; and
  • Facilitate cooperative working relationships between members of the health care team in the interests of patients health and well being.

We do not use HMR software, our HMR’s are always personalised. HMRs are usually sent to the GP within 5 to 7 working days from receipt of referral, for timely service, please send via facsimile or email your referral directly to Genesis Pharmacy Services on (03) 8679 3655 or to

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